Beauty Gonzalez is dancing in my subconscious mind

By WILL GALANG | 17 September 2019 🔗

Beauty Gonzalez

The actress Beauty Gonzalez brought me to a taping session of her Kadenang Ginto television series and I thought I was up for something thrilling. It wasn’t a location shoot and everything will be held at the studios. But the realities of making a local TV drama quickly reared its ugly head to me personally right at the onset: Cast members checking in late; Missing props and show wardrobe; Actors arguing with directors how a scene should turn out, etc. The unrealistic dialogues bored me and everything on it seem to be melodramatic clich├ęs of the worst kind. A few hours into the whole shebang, I increasingly felt uneasy witnessing how the proverbial sausage is being made and I just wanted to bolt out of the building right there and then without informing Beauty — who happened to be in the middle of a take.

Then I woke up.

EVERYTHING was just an unbelievably weird dream! Every single scene, including her personal photo sessions meant for her Instagram — the only stuff I enjoyed going through! (Darn!) And the most glaring part of it all is — I don’t even know Beauty in person. (We were so chummy like best buddies in my dream, where on earth did that come from.)

I disclosed the vision to my wife while she was preparing to go to work the next morning. She laughed hard briefly but jabbed, “(Hay), ang hilig mo talaga sa mga magaganda, ha?” (“(Sigh) You’re really into the beautiful ones, huh?”)

Seriously, I was expecting that she’d go “Who the heck is Beauty Gonzalez?” or “What is Kadenang Ginto?” on me, but apparently, she’s aware of the ABS-CBN afternoon drama program even if — I later found out — she hasn’t seen a full episode.

“And this Beauty is even gracing your dreams!”

End of conversation.