Rainy night-time commutes

By WILL GALANG | 22 September 2019 🔗

Raindrops on my ride's window

The commute to (my night shift) work can be a challenge lately due to the typhoon/monsoon season upon us on my side of the world. I’m just a bit lucky I don’t have to negotiate the horrendous EDSA traffic on a daily basis. For three straight working days, my travel to the office coincided with heavy downpours, which could bring out all sorts of problems.

But for reasons I’m not sure of, I’ve found my rainy night-time rides relaxing, as of late. Helps a lot if my driver(s) are not chatty. I’d focus on the sound of rain pelting the car roof. My mind will quietly play from memory “Only Happy When It Rains.” Pretty soon, I’m there.