Longing to knock down some bowling alley pins again

By WILL GALANG | 26 September 2019 🔗

Bowling Ball and Pins

I miss playing ten-pin bowling. It’s the only sport that I’ve regularly played over the last couple of decades since I gave up on table tennis and basketball (or rather, basketball gave up on me). My bowling partner (a.k.a. The Wifey) recently started showing signs of wear and tear on her bowling arm (we’re both right-hand bowlers, by the way) and this further contributed to our prolonged absence in the bowling alleys. Perhaps I can ask her to just watch me knock down some pins while she recuperates from injuries. (But I guess this would be too difficult for her.)

My spouse and I aren’t really serious bowlers. We just love to play for the sake of fun and relaxation. Over the last 20 years we knew each other, we both actively participated in office bowling tournaments and even won team medals along the way. My wife took her playing a notch up by making the official bowling team of the financial firm she works for and got to experience the enjoyment and competitiveness of the annual Bankers Athletic Association bowling competitions a few years back.

Hopefully later this year, we both can hit the lanes.

Scene from a BAA bowling tournament, September 2014

Scene from a BAA bowling tournament, September 2014