Another crummy Grab driver

By WILL GALANG | 27 September 2019 🔗


Chalk this one up under “Obnoxious Grab Transport Drivers.” I booked a GrabShare ride from Paco. (I was NOT in a rush.) After a few minutes, got one that’s supposed to pick me up after first making a stop at a nearby residential building. Then much to my surprise, after reaching the stop before my turn, I noticed that the car’s directional path on the map on my phone app was already heading to Sampaloc, away from my general vicinity! Instead of notifying me that the ride is on its way to pick me up, the Grab app is telling me that I’d been picked up and that I am “on my way” to my destination!

Wait a minute. Something fishy is going on here. “I’m still here!”

Started sending messages to the driver somewhere along the lines of “Hey, why is the system telling me that you’ve already picked me up when you still haven’t?” No response. Tried calling. No response as well. Problem is, there is no more Cancel button at that particular stage of the trip when you’re already classified as “picked up.” And to make matters worse, Grab already took that trip’s fare from my online wallet. Double whammy! I thought to myself, “Aah, this must be a new dirty trick from unscrupulous Grab drivers.”

Got to my destination an hour or so later than usual using alternative means of travel. Filed a report to Grab to ask for my money back. Gave the erring driver a piece of my mind through the online reporting/grievance system. What an inconvenience, stemming from the actions of a grabby fellow. Pretty soon, most Grab drivers will share the same ill repute of Metro Manila cabbies.

I miss Uber. They were so much better then and a little bit cheaper as well.