If our officials take the trains, this will be fixed pronto!

By WILL GALANG | 6 October 2019 🔗

LRT Station

For a system that has so many moving parts, there is something fundamentally wrong if there are no readily available back-up for some devices in the event something goes haywire. That’s just what happened to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 2 (Purple Line) last week when critical parts burned up, shutting the entire line to a grinding halt.

The authorities are now saying it’s going to take a turn-around time of nine (9) months at the minimum just to get the replacements. (Wow, we should win an award for that alone! Maybe the sloppiest spare parts procurement system in the world?)

I’ve lived along the Purple Line for a long time and I’m one of those who know how convenient this line is when you need to transfer to either the Yellow Line or Blue Line. I hope the (sorry-we-do-not-ride-the-train) authorities can take a bigger responsibility for this. If their day-to-day existence are reliant on the train systems, I don’t think they will be content with waiting for an inordinate period of time just to source the needed parts to get this fixed.

East-bound Line 2 train approaches Pureza station

An Eastern Metro Manila-bound LRT2 train approaches Pureza Station.