Philippine business firms still use pirated software!

By WILL GALANG | 18 October 2019 🔗

Man using computer

In this day and age, I find it unthinkable that companies would still risk their community standing and industry reputation by using pirated software in their daily operations. The price of software, including those being used for business, have become more affordable over the past several years (my observation). Even individuals like me now have options to use software legally on a monthly subscription basis. And there’s always open-source as an alternative, if one doesn’t want to shell out money for productivity suites.

Which is why I was mildly surprised encountering this tidbit earlier:

More than half of Philippine companies use illegal software in their business operations, a new survey released Friday found, putting data at risk nationwide and creating significant gaps in the country’s cyber security defenses.”

“According to a 2018 poll by industry group BSA | The Software Alliance, an estimated 64% of corporations in the Philippines use pirated software.”

“What we would like to see improve is the activity levels of CEOs in the Philippines to make sure their corporations are 100 percent legal in terms of their software use,” BSA Senior Director Tarun Sawney said.

“Unfortunately, today, we know that this is not the case.”

Somehow, one would expect 100% legal compliance from companies nowadays. Apparently, we’re still far from that.