Clipper Kawhi Leonard vs Laker Danny Green

By WILL GALANG | 23 October 2019 🔗


I was annoyed when the Spurs parted ways with Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green back in 2018. Maybe they could have helped San Antonio to another title or two. Then the duo hugely contributed to give the Toronto Raptors its first championship last season. But it’s all water under the bridge for me now even as a new set of NBA wars just fired off.

This time, they’re not teammates anymore.

I caught the second half of the tussle between the two LAs. Great to see Leonard and Green play so well for their respective teams. The Clippers got the better of the Lakers though, I believe that was expected. I foresee both to help their own LAs do well in the regular season. And it would be fun to keep tabs of the games of these two. However, I still root for the Spurs and the Utah Jazz, team-wise. Make no mistake. So there.

Danny Green

Danny Green | © NBA

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard | © NBA