Just because I need my sleep

By WILL GALANG | 21 January 2020 🔗


The photo below is from last week. It’s not the best hotel room window view shot I’ve made but it will suffice for this update. The accommodation is a budget hotel (from an established chain) in the metropolis and it’s just one floor above my workplace. Had scheduled errands the next day, lunchtime and beyond, that are within spitting distance of the office because the thought of traveling back and forth to my current place further north is a colossal waste of time on a work day. Plus, I need my sleep, hence the check-in. Not a bad trade-off.

Come to think of it, it’s nice having a place near or just within your work premises, no? On meal breaks, you hop on the elevator and you’re “home” in a jiffy, dining at the comforts of your room in minutes! Best part of it all is that you can even take a nap before heading back to your office. (Reminds me of a recent time I worked in the commercial side of Mandaluyong — my wife and I were staying at a building almost just across my then office. Gosh, I miss those days!) Ah, the small things that make me happy now that I’m getting older — sleep breaks in the middle of it all.

Perhaps I can do it again next time I have similar errands anytime soon.

View from my budget hotel room.

The view from my budget hotel room just above my workplace.