Holy misheard lyrics, Batman!

By WILL GALANG | 3 February 2020 🔗


I studied at a Protestant high school several years ago. Corny as it may sound, our class would often be prompted to break out in Christian songs during lulls in classes. It was my freshman year and I found the entire thing weird, at the very least. One of the songs we often sing is “Silver and Gold Have I None”.

In the part “He went walking and leaping and praising God!”, everybody was, of course, enjoined to act out the lyrics (It’s an “action song”, after all.) Since I was new to the school’s religious fervor, I didn’t care much about the words of the song at first, though I observed my classmates on how they were acting the Christian ditty out.

My classmate Pablo*, a smart-aleck guy, noticed that I was “limping” on the part where I was supposed to be “leaping”. After the song break, he had the audacity to berate me for my mistake.

“Dude, you’re doing ’leaping’ wrong.” Pablo chastised.

I clarified, “The songs says ’limping’, right?”

He countered strongly. “No! It’s leaping! LEAPING!!”

“Oh, my bad.” I replied. But I still tried to weasel my way out of it.

“But… dude, the man was paralytic. Even when someone with miraculous powers like that Jesus guy suddenly gave you the ability to walk, I’m certain you’d initially stumble and limp off on your first few attempts to stroll. How much more leap!”

+Names have been changed to protect the innocent.