Love (and everything else) in the time of COVID-19

By WILL GALANG | 23 March 2020 🔗

Staying positive amid the pandemic.

Entering the eighth day of the quarantine/lockdown here in Metro Manila. I’m still working though. (And I’m thankful for the present job I’m holding.) On a telecommute arrangement with my employer and I’m truly appreciative of the fact that my Denver-based boss and our Manila top honcho are supportive of the setup. We were supposed to review the situation by the end of the coming week to see if we could resume working at the office. But the government-imposed lockdown is scheduled until April 14. And I don’t think things would get better by then.

Holed up in our apartment, my wife and I are trying our best to protect ourselves (like everyone else) from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. No one wants COVID-19, that is for certain. Our food supply is probably good for maybe two weeks, but not much longer. We are hoping the supermarkets within our vicinity will still have stocks in the coming several days. I’m not really expecting the quarantine to end mid-April. I think it’s a realistic assessment considering local infections haven’t really peaked yet. We’re too far from that.

Just hoping the water and electricity situation here in the metropolis will hold up. Including the Internet connection, since it’s essential in my work-from-home setup — and for staying sane in general when you’re not really doing anything productive. It’s grimmer in other places in the world. But things could quickly go further south in a minute, one could never really know. No point being complacent.