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Grocery runs and busted outlets

Day 157 of the PHI quarantine. That’s 5 months and 4 days. Had to get out of the house with the wife for groceries- and medicine-run. About to exhaust our stocks for both. (Hello again, face masks, face shields, and quarantine passes!) The quarantine was eased to a laxer mode yesterday. Public transportation is available again and we sought the services of Grab Transport to head to our destination.

Went to a supermarket a bit farther than the one that’s nearest. We couldn’t bear the lines at the latter. And then there is the issue of higher odds that some asymptomatic carrier could be among those who’ll be inside, considering the number of active COVID-19 cases in the area. We got lucky at our choice today. Not much people inside the grocery. We got what we needed. And we only waited in line at the checkout counter for just a few minutes.

There was distress at the apartment shortly after we got home. I was heating water when I heard something pop and the electric kettle shut down. The wifey, who is setting up her computer to get ready for her work shift, said she smelled something burning and I got worried for two reasons: (1) Something must indeed be burning, or burnt; and/but (2) I can’t smell it! (COVID-19 scare, here we are again.) The electrical outlets at the kitchen stopped working and wondered if there was some kind of overload.

We just bought food stuff and our fridge was packed. (Damn, and we picked up some ice cream too!) This is not the time to lose electricity. Luckily, we were able to secure the services of a neighborhood electrician, thanks to the help provided us by our landlady’s Girl Friday. When everything was fixed, it was 4 in the afternoon. I still haven’t slept for the day.

Good luck to me in my (work-from-home) night shift later that starts at 9PM.