Amber’s Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig from Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants.

The sisig is a tricky dish, at least for me. There are countless variants with how it’s cooked and presented, much less what cut of pork to use. Sadly, most of the sisig available in various local restaurants fail to please me due to their utterly inferior meat cuts and poor quality of taste and presentation. (Not to mention, grossly overpriced.)

Tried this version (pictured above) from Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants because I don’t remember having this before. (Amber is popular in Metro Manila for their pancit dishes.) I actually liked this sisig! Bonus that they use pig ears. Best consumed while hot with white rice! LOL!

This is not a plug, okay? Amber didn’t pay me for this. Just an honest, straightforward comment on a food I love.

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