Spam and scam on my SMS inbox

Screen captures of recent spam texts I received on my phone inbox.

I am sick of hearing my phone buzz only to see spam on my inbox. Anyway, who doesn’t? Got to a point where I don’t immediately check what the just-arrived messages are about, sometimes to my detriment.

Philippine government agencies and telecommunications companies/service providers are aware of this wave upon wave of text spam and scam. Globe Telecom claims it blocked close to 150,000 “smishing” messages within February and March of this year. PLDT/Smart Communications is supporting a measure to regulate the registration of SIM cards in an effort to deter SMS-related cyber-crimes.

It’s apparently run by “a global crime syndicate”, said the National Privacy Commission. So, the phrase “Think before you click” remains a good advice to keep in mind. Stay vigilant, even for those “job offers” that come your way via text.

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