SM Hypermarket Cubao: Sacrificing food safety to save on OPEX?

@ SM Hypermarket Cubao.

Since the pandemic struck, I have learned to adjust using online grocery delivery services for my supermarket needs. It is convenient in so many aspects. But it took away one thing I like about being there at the actual store — leisurely going through aisle after aisle, checking out items I may need or want, depending on the circumstances. Basically grocery window shopping.

Last weekend, The Wifey and I had to quickly drop by SM Hypermarket along EDSA (Cubao area) to pick up (emergency) groceries to bring elsewhere. Before COVID, this establishment was well-cooled, temperature-wise. When the pandemic descended upon us all, this place turned somewhat close to warehouse hot. Now that Alert Level 1 remains even as COVID cases continue to dwindle, we were aghast to find out that this SM Hypermarket has NOT reverted to its usual climate control protocols.

Only ceiling fans were running! (You’ll quickly notice it as soon as you enter the building. Just a few minutes inside, I already broke into a sweat.) I felt slight AC breeze at the Meat section (see photo above) but I am certain the very limited air-conditioning in the facility is not enough to properly cool all those fresh items on open display. Spoilage is definitely quicker under their sub-standard cooling modes.

Why is SM Hypermarket doing this? They’re sacrificing food safety (and the supposedly comfortable supermarket experience) just to save on operating expenses?

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