Early lunch @ Nagi Izakaya

After finishing some banking errands in the area, The Wifey and I noticed that Nagi Izakaya is already open for business at the Podium Mall as we were heading towards the parking. I asked her if she would want to grab lunch before we head to work and she agreed. We both appreciate the Ramen Nagi chain and we’d like to see what new items are available here.

Much to my delight, they now have Duck Ramen! (I am certain the regular Nagi stores do not carry it, unless they just added it to their line-up recently.) The first (and last) duck ramen I have consumed was from 3 years ago in a restaurant in Chūō, Tokyo called Ginza Kamo Soba 9th Keisuke.

Nagi’s Soy Duck Ramen, which is significantly pricier than their other ramen offerings, was good. I can savor the difference in the broth and the duck meat was scrumptious as well. I need to eat more duck ramen from other joints so I can make comparisons.

Too bad the ramen doesn’t come with Tamago. I had to order the egg as an extra. I also ordered extra noodles, just because I wanted to. I’ll try the other ramen offerings when I come back.

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