Can new web host boost my writing and creative juices?

Will Galang - Starting Over

Like moving to a nice, new apartment? So, this is where I’m at: I have switched to a new hosting provider in a bid to get me excited to work on my name-based domain on a regular basis. (You can never discount what reliable servers and stable uptimes can do to your mood.) Yeah, right.

When you’re trying to allocate time for developing content for the web but you’re basically busy with work and day-to-day chores — you can easily get bored when the inspiration to create is just not there at certain times. In my case, a lot of times. I could use some prop up.

I need a pastime, this one particularly, or I’ll go crazy. Perhaps I already am, in the first place. Maybe I should just post content (or, *gasp*, dance) on TikTok. Some people swear it can be therapeutic and liberating. But it’s not for me. I don’t want people to mess with me, saying “Stick to doing web pages or blogs, old man!”

But I can say, “Bug off!”, right?

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