Now I’m more terrified of elevators crashing

Will Galang - Killer elevator

The elevator accident that killed two people in Makati City a few days ago hits me in a way since I have this thing called “elevatophobia”. If you’re with me in an elevator, you probably won’t even notice that I’m bothered inside. But horrible death scenarios play in my mind a laFinal Destination” whenever I step inside an elevator car.

Hoping for justice to be served

I hope justice will be served for the obvious criminal negligence that caused this mishap in the first place. Apparently, even years before the crash, people that work (and used to work) at the Burgundy Corporate Tower have been complaining about malfunctioning cars and potential near-crashes. What have the building owners and property managers done all this time?

No care for elevator safety protocols?

My guess? Since influential firms are involved, the deaths will be forgotten soon and business oligarchs friendly mainstream media won’t touch the beat ever again — until something like this happens once more. No one will be charged in court much less convicted — unless it’s a mere poor fall guy. You will have to wait for one of them rich kids (instead of poor maintenance workers) to die first in an elevator crash before authorities start cracking their whips and begin going after corrupt safety executives that cut corners, putting multiple lives in jeopardy every single day.

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