Gullible citizens and the folded polymer banknotes brouhaha

Will Galang - SM and 1,000 polymer bill brouhaha

Honestly, as I write this, I haven’t actually seen and/or touched the new ₱1,000 bill. I have been paying my groceries using online channels or e-wallets for quite a while now. And in my last ATM withdrawal, I still got the old design.

Boggles my mind who started this mindless practice of refusing to accept the new polymer banknotes that has been folded or with fold marks. When it became prevalent that cashiers of retail giant SM vehemently reject the folded polymer bills en masse, management had to issue a statement to the contrary. Hilarious, considering that the SM conglomerate includes a bank within their fold (pun intended) which could have quickly clarified the confusion.

But is all of this really just that, confusion? I am wondering if this is part of a larger effort to cause further disinformation aimed at discrediting (and eventually, toppling) the two-week old government of Marcos, Jr.

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