Political party PROs posing as independent journalists

Will Galang - Biased media

Influential media personalities backed by powerful political and business oligarchs (or perhaps a foreign power with deep pockets) have lorded it over the Philippines over the past few decades. When they launch their demolition jobs targeting specific personalities, it doesn’t often end well for the victims.

I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone actually joked some time ago that if one of these powerful media figures shoot and kill someone in a public place filled with multiple witnesses (or commit some other criminal offense for that matter), they can evade punishment simply by saying that prosecuting them is equivalent to suppressing media freedom and stifling freedom of speech. Can you beat them with their imagined legal immunity?

Make no mistake. I support and applaud media practitioners that expose corruption in government one way or another. But I despise ones that serve as obvious puppets of dominant forces that openly besmirch the reputation of an individual or a group of people in pursuit of a political agenda, e.g., illegal regime change, among other things. We have a lot of them now — openly working as public relations officers of their political masters instead of doing their supposed jobs of being independent journalists.

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