Rainy night-time commutes

By WILL GALANG | 22 September 2019 🔗

Raindrops on my ride's window

The commute to (my night shift) work can be a challenge lately due to the typhoon/monsoon season upon us on my side of the world. I’m just a bit lucky I don’t have to negotiate the horrendous EDSA traffic on a daily basis. For three straight working days, my travel to the office coincided with heavy downpours, which could bring out all sorts of problems.

But for reasons I’m not sure of, I’ve found my rainy night-time rides relaxing, as of late. Helps a lot if my driver(s) are not chatty. I’d focus on the sound of rain pelting the car roof. My mind will quietly play from memory “Only Happy When It Rains.” Pretty soon, I’m there.


Beauty Gonzalez is dancing in my subconscious mind

By WILL GALANG | 17 September 2019 🔗

Beauty Gonzalez

The actress Beauty Gonzalez brought me to a taping session of her Kadenang Ginto television series and I thought I was up for something thrilling. It wasn’t a location shoot and everything will be held at the studios. But the realities of making a local TV drama quickly reared its ugly head to me personally right at the onset: Cast members checking in late; Missing props and show wardrobe; Actors arguing with directors how a scene should turn out, etc. The unrealistic dialogues bored me and everything on it seem to be melodramatic clich├ęs of the worst kind. A few hours into the whole shebang, I increasingly felt uneasy witnessing how the proverbial sausage is being made and I just wanted to bolt out of the building right there and then without informing Beauty — who happened to be in the middle of a take.

Then I woke up.

EVERYTHING was just an unbelievably weird dream! Every single scene, including her personal photo sessions meant for her Instagram — the only stuff I enjoyed going through! (Darn!) And the most glaring part of it all is — I don’t even know Beauty in person. (We were so chummy like best buddies in my dream, where on earth did that come from.)

I disclosed the vision to my wife while she was preparing to go to work the next morning. She laughed hard briefly but jabbed, “(Hay), ang hilig mo talaga sa mga magaganda, ha?” (“(Sigh) You’re really into the beautiful ones, huh?”)

Seriously, I was expecting that she’d go “Who the heck is Beauty Gonzalez?” or “What is Kadenang Ginto?” on me, but apparently, she’s aware of the ABS-CBN afternoon drama program even if — I later found out — she hasn’t seen a full episode.

“And this Beauty is even gracing your dreams!”

End of conversation.


Bringing the 'mountain' jerseys back as a lucky charm

By WILL GALANG | 31 August 2019 🔗

Utah Jazz

When the Utah Jazz first wore their “mountain” jerseys in the 1996-1997 season, the team went all the way to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history only to lose to the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls. They’d return to battle for the championship the next season in a rematch with Jordan’s squad. However, Utah got bested once more by the now immortalized “The Push”, er, I mean, “The Shot”. Back to present-day: Feeling extremely confident with the turnout of the team’s pre-season roster overhaul, the Jazz top brass perhaps smell a return to the NBA’s biggest stage and decided to bring back the iconic jersey design for another ride. As a long-time Jazz Basketball fan, anything to spark the team is welcome. Can’t wait!


A brand new leaf (or a brand new blog, whatever)

By WILL GALANG | 29 August 2019 🔗

And I’m back! (I mean, willgalang.com.) Yay! Still rocking the old-school one column conventional blog look-and-feel. (Because I’m boring like that.)

My previous blog(s) can be cited as great examples of how volatile websites (or how capricious the webmasters behind them) can be — Now you see them, now you don’t. I want to change this bad habit of mine. This place marks my new online starting point.