Coffee gadgets envy

Hot coffee

It’s not that I’m bored out of my wits with my coffee predicament at home. (Well, actually, I think I am.) Since the lockdown, I kept to my favorite Nescafé GOLD (with varying strengths from 5 to 7) to satisfy my caffeine fix. Strangely, I found myself purchasing this Maxim coffee mix from a virtual Korean store for some varied spice in my coffee life, hoping it would taste better than the run-of-the-mill flavors I get from local instant coffee manufacturers. (Unfortunately, it was so-so.)

A Messenger discussion of brewing processes involving a French Press and Starbucks Colombia Whole Bean Coffee with a dearest friend a few hours ago tempted me to rip out my still unopened coffee makers in their pristine boxes. I do have coffee beans in stock. (I was holding off on using the new coffee makers. I wanted to start utilizing it only after the wife and I have moved out of our current apartment. I know, it’s just a ridiculous quirk on my part.)

I think I’ll just set aside the coffee gadgets envy, for now.