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The balut vendor guarantee

Just outside our apartment door, my wife was collecting the items she ordered via GrabFood from the delivery guy when a balut vendor on bicycle passed by. I had an inkling she’ll call the hawker’s attention but then thought that we just ordered pizza and pasta for our lunch. What would we need balut for? Then I noticed the balut guy slowing down and started pedaling towards the direction of our door.

The Balut Guarantee

The GrabFood delivery person probably couldn’t help but smile (yeah, he had his facial mask on, but you know how our eyes smile as well) when he noticed the other guy heading towards their direction. I helped the wifey bring the original food stuff inside the house so she can proceed with her additional purchase.

As I was heading back outside, I heard her and the seller make a short exchange punctuated by a really grateful sounding “Thank you” from my wife. I asked what was that all about. She said the vendor declared that if we find anything we don’t like about the eggs, he will gladly replace them for free on our next purchase. Wifey then related how she shot back with, “Why? Would there be any reason there’d be bad baluts in this batch?” The vendor said, “No, ma’m. Just in case.”

I said, “Wow! A guarantee of sorts! In all my time in this world, I’ve never heard a balut vendor say something like that me.” (Is the current COVID-19 pandemic making businesses nicer, including the ones that hawk food on the streets? I wish!) We had the duck eggs later that night as our “light” dinner. Happily, there were no problems with it — it was all perfect. Just the right number of days of incubation.