Missed this Pancit Palabok style.

Joey's Pancit Palabok.
Pancit Palabok a la Joey’s Restaurant Café.
Hapag Vicenticos Crispy Pata
Deep Fried Pork Hock from Hapag Vicentico’s

The Wifey and I visited my sister based up north and we had these for our post-Christmas Day dinner: Pancit Palabok from Joey’s and Deep Fried Pork Hock (Crispy Pata) from Hapag Vicentico’s. Needless to say, “Yum yum!”

Starbucks Reserve® Three E-Com Center.

It was the closest Starbucks from our Sunday lunch place. (And it’s not just your plain vanilla Starbucks. It’s a Starbucks Reserve® store. Deceivingly quiet from the outside but packed inside. We had to wait for close to an hour just to get our seats. (Yeah, we waited that long. We didn’t want to move out of the seaside complex just to find another coffee shop. We wanted the place so bad.)