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Historical revisionism?

Utterly hilarious! When some supporters of Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte are the ones calling for a “revolutionary government”, that segment of society that openly calls for the ouster of the President by legal or illegal means are suddenly seen crying foul over it all. Just like that, the constitution is all of a sudden… sacred.

Maria Ressa need not worry. The seeds that were planted in the early ‘80s that locally and globally demonized Ferdinand Marcos and his family to unprecedented levels cannot be simply overturned by present-day social media campaigns. But isn’t it somehow cute that the CEO of a well-funded media outfit and a vital cog of the highly-influential Omidyar Group expresses some sort of concern that the scions of the late strongman are even capable of matching the power of the anti-Marcos (and concurrently anti-Duterte) machinery?