Adjusting to a Work-From-Home scheme

Hello, world! How is your work-from-home setup going so far? I experienced some bumps in the road at the onset. At first, it was difficult finding the so-called sweet spot at the apartment where I can comfortably perform work duties. Then there’s the matter of focus. But as of writing, it’s been Day 85 of the telecommute and I have adjusted particularly well. So did my coworkers, I believe, to the point that our company VPs are seriously considering making this a more permanent arrangement for the entire team, especially since the COVID-19 threat is far from gone.

From LinkedIn, here is an interesting piece on adjusting to remote work. The writer, an Editor at LinkedIn News, is from India and since there are millions of her fellow citizens accorded with the privilege of working from home, we can see some insights on productivity and the stability of the job market: “Dealing with work away from work — Dipti Jain”

“The index – a fortnightly survey based on responses from 2,582 workers in India – gives a snapshot of how people are feeling about their ability to get or hold on to a job right now, improve their financial situation in the next six months and progress in their career over the next year. The national Workforce Confidence Index (WCI) remains unchanged at +50, according to the latest survey. The index uses a scale from -100 to +100 to reflect current sentiments and expectations.”

Are you also working from home? What’s your over-all take on it?